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Vintage style Open Bottom Girdle (OBG)

Open Bottom Girdle (OBG) with 4 garters and reinforcement in the form of 3 plastic bones in the abdomen and 4 rear.

Hook and eye closure at the front and corset binding at the rear to control tension.It is made from the solid non-stretch fabric for better tightening and longer lasting, although I do it from other materials (lightweight cotton or cotton with added elastane).It can be a simple model or decorated with lace and (or) bows. The height and length  is optional.

Made from the 40's pattern.

On this photo underbust OBG is decorated with cotton lace.
Classic version, waist and hips tightening

Swing dress

The shape of the upper garment is the same as Vamp dress from the previous post, and the lower part is cut as a bell. It can be worn with Petticoat.Belt is not included.There is a choice of different materials and patterns.

Black Vamp Dress

Sexy tight dress made of artificial leather with slit on the right foot, zipper at the back. Can be made of different colour and fabric.

Strawberry cheesecake dress

Cotton dress, strapless (straps can be made optional), zipper at the back side.Fabric red with white micro dots .... can be made in opposite version, white with red micro dots and a red with a larger white dots.

Corset Shapes

Here are some of my suggestions for the corset shapes. Match upper and lower parts to make your perfect corset......Of course I also accept your suggestions.

My first Corset

Yes I know it does not look fabulous, but it was my first corset and at first it seemed it will be simple to make a corset.It was a bad cut, I just took finished pattern. Sketch on the pattern envelope looked perfect. hmmm.And of course there was this silly idea to make the first corset in an expensive silk.
Okay, we all learning from mistakes.
Corset is made of two layers of material (top is the silk and lining is the cotton) has 10 metal spiral bones and 4 smooth metal bones behind at the back, front busk is tight and firm, back tightening with the laces, there's no modesty panel.I even put on detachable suspenders at the request of my dear:)This corset is in the closet as a reminder.

This is the famous pattern. Afterwards, I came across a forum where people are agreed that this corset cut is not made happily , at least not by today's understanding of how should modern corset look like. I believe that at that time (1880th year) was modern different silhouette of a woman.