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Story about the Corset

"Mock-ups are used by designers mainly to acquire feedback from users about designs and design ideas early in the design process. Mock-ups are 'very early prototypes' made of cardboard or otherwise low-fidelity materials. The user, aided by the designer, may test the mock-up (imagining that it works) and thus provide valuable feedback about functionality/usability/understanding of the basic design idea/etc."


Hips are too wide .. protruding part below the waist. 
The waist is good..mock-up is not firm enough to tightens the waist to the end, but the hips should be tighten few centimeters.

Hips are narrow and lower front part does not protruding anymore. The entire lower part of the corset should be shortened 3cm because front lower corset top is not comfortable for sitting,

Three layers of material: thick satin , canvas for interlining  and firm comfortable cotton lining.
Solid wide steel busk, 20 spiral steel bones that are very comfortable to wear and 4 (tw…

Dress for Marta

Green satin with an chiffon overlay prom dress