Friday, 29 October 2010

Royal Blue Corset - Making of


Busk, front modesty panel, 12 basic parts of a corset, back modesty panel & net for modesty panel
Corset is constructed from three layers of fabric. Upper decorative fabric is already stitched together with inner lining layer of strong 100% cotton fabric.

1. at the front, middle, right part of the corset sutured all three layers together.
2. fabric is open from wrong side and lay with the seam allowance up. I used the iron to press the seam      allowance open.

3. right part of the corset front is open from right side, top stitched lining,  ready for Busk insertion (4.)


5. left part of the corset front is open from right side, top stitched lining
6. left part of the corset front is ready for Busk insertion (need a good measure of where you pierce a hole for the left side of the Busk)

7.basting the Busk in place and then top stitch


8. all parts of the right side of the corset are sewn together

9. top stitched busk
10. wrong/inner side

11. back parts of the corset are ready for rivets inserting
12.-13. rivets inserting


15. cotton tape added to strengthen the waistline
16. inserting of plastic coated steel bones-7mm

Corset is ready for rehearsal


Still working on closing a corset ... piece by piece connecting the last layer, lining to the top layer of the corset.
...and I'm thinking about the final shape of the corset.




Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Prelude to making a new corset.

     I started making corset today after a long break. I saw a beautiful material other day and bought it, the color is royal blue with cream-colored lily pattern.This corset is for my personal satisfaction. Maybe someone will like it, maybe I'll sell it, maybe not ... doesn't matter.I like to feel pleasure when I do something new. Couldn't do one hundredth of the same pieces of clothing ... although I must say that I have collected years and years of sewing experience in this way.That's why I always try to make some changes,perhaps the finest, if I make the same kind of clothes several times.Think most of my customers like that way .. they know that they are the only ones who have just such a piece of clothing.
So ... tomorrow I'll put first photos from the start of making new corset. Hope you'll like to see the entire course of formation of my new corset.

See you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Brocade coat

After several weeks, few mistakes and a lot of frustration it was finally finished....brocade coat. 
 This kind of brocade is used for folk costumes in Dalmatia and is quite soft and thin that's because I used a q-lining (warm quilted lining fabric).
I must say I just don't like to work with the q-lining but after all I am happy with finished product.
Inspiration for this coat was Victorian bustle coat from Truly Victorian 

lace trimmings

frog buttons fastening and hidden pockets

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Slacks and Dotted Blouse

Cotton print blouse and highwaisted cotton trousers all in the style of 30's 40's