Prelude to making a new corset.

     I started making corset today after a long break. I saw a beautiful material other day and bought it, the color is royal blue with cream-colored lily pattern.This corset is for my personal satisfaction. Maybe someone will like it, maybe I'll sell it, maybe not ... doesn't matter.I like to feel pleasure when I do something new. Couldn't do one hundredth of the same pieces of clothing ... although I must say that I have collected years and years of sewing experience in this way.That's why I always try to make some changes,perhaps the finest, if I make the same kind of clothes several times.Think most of my customers like that way .. they know that they are the only ones who have just such a piece of clothing.
So ... tomorrow I'll put first photos from the start of making new corset. Hope you'll like to see the entire course of formation of my new corset.

See you tomorrow!!


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