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Poshy Mia Dress

The dress is made of wool/synthetic blend and chiffon, with zipper on the back and one single button on the collar. The basepatternis the sameasfor the Vintage Chic Dress.
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Like a Hobo

Wonderfulspring weather, anddarlingwhohasfinallyaftera longtimetook uphiscamera,pulledmetofreshairto make afewphotos. The dress is not new I made it last year but I like it because it's so 40's Pretty black ballerinas are from Rocket Dog Stockings are french vintage (Vitos stockings) with dark seam. The cap is new Gatsby Linen Flat Cap from ebay. I took it to my husband for this photo session. Cat eye glasses are vintage 50's Bausch&Lomb. Suitcase is vintage from somewhere. 

Cozy Flower Dress

This time something different. Nothing special, nothing glamorous just everyday cozy summer dress made for my mother.  Made of beautiful cotton flower print remindsme of sweet Sarah Kay drawings I always adore.

Hello Irene !

As youcan presume,this dressismade​​forcertainIrena. Sheshowed meaphotowitha similardresstoshow mewhat kind ofdressshewants. Iwas notthrilledbutprobablybecausethemodellookedjust awful. In my opinion the dress I made is much prettier and hope Irena will agree with.

Beautiful inspiration

Wonderful role models

Folded Dress

Springisoutside,birdssinging,smellof fresh grassand Ihave somuch to sew as newer before.  I haven't sewanythingformyselffor threemonths.The newseasonishereandIhavenothingnewtowear.I am sad a little bit. Think there is only one solution.. towork harder. 
Folded dress is the last finished. I thoughtthat I wouldhave problemswithmakingthatdress(Inever beforeworkedfoldeddress)but inthe endit turned outthatthis is oneof the simplest.

Maja's Wedding Dress

My bride wanted the dress from de Lancôme "Trésor in Love" commercial video. 

  As far as I know, the dress has been inspired by a prada vintage but has been made only for this video.
And dress is not 100% copy..I added a tulle between layers of fabric. The rose can be taken off.

Undies for the bride

Shewantedsomethingplainwhitewithblacktrimmings. Bustier 


Taffeta Trenchcoat For Glamour Girls

Fora long timeI want tosew ataffeta trenchcoat. Isawitonce onaphotoandnowIfinallygota chanceto do it. The girlthatIsowa weddingdresstold methat she needsomethingtoput onher wedding dressincase ofcolder weather, somethingthatshe canwear afterwards. So, Irecommendthetaffetatrench. I haverecommended the fabric,and shechosethe color.Herweddingdressiswhitewith blackaccessories(I'll showyoushortly),butshe did notwantany ofthemfor thetrench.
She chosebeautifulwine colored Iridescent taffeta. Iridescent taffeta is a medium weight, crisp fabric woven with different color weft and warp threads. This produces a richer look for special occasion garments. I planned tomakea wideA-linetrench,shewanted a narrow cut. We make compromise because of the wedding dress with wide skirt.... I made a princes cut line.