Taffeta Trenchcoat For Glamour Girls

For a long time I want to sew a taffeta trenchcoat. I saw it once on a photo and now I finally got a chance to do it.  
The girl that I sow a wedding dress told me that she need something to put on her wedding dress in case of colder weather, something that she can wear afterwards. So, I recommend the taffeta trench.
I have recommended the fabric, and she chose the color. Her wedding dress is white with black accessories (I'll show you shortly), but she did not want any of them for the trench.
She chose beautiful wine colored Iridescent taffeta.
Iridescent taffeta is a medium weight, crisp fabric woven with different color weft and warp threads. This produces a richer look for special occasion garments.
I planned to make a wide A-line trench, she wanted a narrow cut. We make compromise because of the wedding dress with wide skirt.... I made a princes cut line.



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