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Green Gingham Wrap Dress

This is my fourth so far, wrap dress...third made for Tina. So, she wanted a little bit different wrap dress then other two. Since the dress is toxicgreen,itshouldbe alleviatedwithwhiteaccents...collar, trimmings on the pockets and sleeves and binding.

Strawberry Wrap Dress

This 40's style wrap dress is made of cotton print...strawberries on white dots on light pink background with red satin trim. Skirt cut is slightly different as on the Cherry Wrap Dress...middle front part is not folded, neckline is rounded, pockets are rounded and sleeves are a little bit longer.

Cherry Wrap Dress

Today I will present the first of three wrap dresses I made for Tina. I hope togetsomephotosof herinthosedresses.
This dress is made of cotton print, cherries on black gingham and supplemented withredtrimon the pockets andbinding.

Blue Dotty Dress

Thisisalsooneof myolderdresses sewntwo years ago butthatdresswasnot yetpresentedonthe blog.  Pattern is taken from Burda Style magazine 2009. and it was love at first sight.


Green&Red fabulous combination

I foundthe perfectpatternformypants.It's a version of 40's sailor pattern. OtherwiseI'm nota fan ofpants,butsometimescomes in handy,for example, whensomething must beput onwithoutthinking too muchandyoustillwantto look good. For this light summer slacks I used cotton liningmade formilitaryjackets in military green. As contrast,I put the redbuttons.

3/4 sleeve sweatshirt made by me green ballerinas from Bata are 7 years old and well worn

Betty Dress

The pattern for this dress is the same as for the Romantic Roses Dress, only difference are the sleeves.  You can see here how the dress looks on the real :)

Daisy Wrap Dress

I sew my first 40's style wrap dress.  It is simple pattern, with single button on the neck line holding two upper back sides on the place. Still thinking should I sew the pockets on... I love it..can't wait on the warm weather when I'll be able to wear it.
Think this is only the first one.