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At Ease!

The girlasked meifI wouldsewhermilitaryuniform, somethingtight andsexy.I was a littlereluctant,butafter searchingthe internetI sawthat there wasanything and everything.
I decided for aclassiccostume withaccessories thatremind us ofthe military...the silverstripesoncollar andleft sleeve,silverbuttonsandepauletson the shoulders.
Skirtis aclassicpencil skirt.

I madethematching Side cap, so-called Garrisoncap...didn't turn outsobad consideringthat this is thefirst attempt.

Red Gingham Blouse

Somehowit seemsthat I'm alwaysfocused ondressesandgarments forthe lower body and I'm avoiding blouses and shirts. I have to change that immediately.
This is my new wrap blouse.

 I cut this wrap blouse in the same way as wrap dresses, only shorter.

Dress for sweet girls

Light summer dress made of cotton print with red piping.  Couldbe adressfrom a fairy tale.


I really neededaskirt thatis suitablefordrivingon a bicycle because I amalwaysstruggling with thelackof timeand constantly rushingto workin the last minute. I usedthe rest of thefabricof mywidegreenslacksand seweda skirtwith frontpleat. I already have one blue jeans skirt with front pleat and I really like it.

The blouseiscream-coloredcottonand has adelicategreenpattern print Lack ofcottonfabricsis thatthey arequitecrumpled.Evenironcan'tfullystraighten them butI have no problemwith it.

Red 8 panel skirt

Beautiful wide skirt cut from 8 panels, with hidden zipper and button on the back. Here presented with Dotty Blouse.


Women's Culottes = a split or divided skirt or any garment which "hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants". Cyd Charisse wears culottes in the "Silk Stockings" movie.

I found this pattern in one of my older Burda magazines, 6/2001.
Pattern was not exactly what I wanted, only front was cut with pleat and the back was cut as wide leg trousers, without pleat so I made it with both front and rear pleats.

Jabot Dress

Sleeveless, with Petar Pan collar, jabot and A-line skirt. Zipper on the side.

My first finished Bullet Bra!!!!!

I made it!!!!! I finallymade ​​myfirstbulletbra and I'm verry verry happy!!  For my taste is however a little bit too pointy.  I'lltriedto mitigatethe point.
Bullet Bra is made of black satin and cotton lining. 

Daisy in Dalmatia

Hello people!
It was a time for me to use a few vacation move from home a little bit and forget everyday fash.
I and my family we visited relatives in Zadar  beautiful old town on Adriatic coast. We enjoy salty sea air for five days. We atetoo muchandas aresultnowIhavetogo on a diet.
I tooka fewnicepiecesof clothing,but theonlyonewemanaged toperpetuate is my Daisy Wrap Dress.

You can read here more about Zadar: