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Lounging around in the summer

Hello people!
Due to someevents outside the normal on myregularwork I had to take a few days of vacation. I must say itwasn't verypleasant weatherthese days,there were 40°C inthe shade and I gota headachebecause ofair conditioningbut at leastIhadn'tgo outto thisinfernalheat.
I planned tosewduring thisweek some ofthe ordereditems but it turned outthat I wasablejust to vegetate.

At least we manage to take some motion photos of my dresses...which Iaddedinsome of the previous posts.
A wonderful placefora picnicon a branch ofthe riverDrava,which are visitedonlybyfishermen...onlyto be avoidedon weekendsandholidayswhen it's reallycrowded.
Two years ago I receive this interesting vintage 30's and 40's fashionmagazines as a birthday present. A few Italian GRAZIA (what a pity that Idon't understand Italian) and one domestic Croatian called MODA (fashion). Oneof themeven havea pattern sheet. On the first occasionwhen Ihaveextratime...I'll photographseveralof these sites the…

Stella posing

Stellais a lovely sweet girl and myregular customer. This time she posed in her dotty Dress for Sweet Girls even thoughshe looks moredangerousthan innocentin the photos. Photographer is a talentedgirlwith the same name..Stela

Corsetted Alice In The Rabbit Hole


New look

Somepeople areslaves totheir habits. I am a personprone to change.
I liketo changeclothesand shoes. Everytimewhen wallsneedto be refreshedIchange color.I loveto trynew tastesof ice cream. Even mymusic tasteis colorfulfrom FrankSinatraandEllaFitzgerald over Bob Dylan, Smokie, The Pogues, Beyonce, Adele etc....r'n'r,rnb,soul,country everything.
I alwaysbuya new fragranceperfume..I see nosenseto buythe same scentwhen soon Iget usedto itandIcan notenjoy it....aproposfor thesame reasonyou canoverdose onit..andotherstoo :)
That's why Iwanted tochange the look ofthe blog. Not much..just adding a little bit color.

Then I came acrossa blog called Shabby Blogswith a sweet,twisted,awesomeaccessoriesthat you canfree install in yourblog!!! yejjjjjjjjjjjjjj!!!
But the key word is"installed". In factIhave aproblemwith it.What can I say...HTMLis killing me. I ama totalignoramusaboutHTML :(

I cried for help and now I am waiting.

Little Black Dress

This is not ordinary, simple little black dress...this dress hasan asymmetric neckline and peplum which gives herthis "something". Zipper and kick pleat at the back.

Another sommer wrap dress

I took this pattern from a 90's Burda magazine. It is one piece garment....dressis madewithout sideseams..only with darts. Fabric is cotton, ideal for hot summer days.  

Overall Dress

I decided to make this dress at the moment when I sawitinBurdaStylemagazine.The cutreminds me ofchildren'soveralldressesfrom the 20's, 30's, Americas working class poverty. UnfortunatelyI can notfindanyauthenticphoto to show you what I mean.