Lounging around in the summer

Hello people!
Due to some events outside the normal on my regular work I had to take a few days of vacation. I must say it wasn't very pleasant weather these days, there were 40°C in the shade and I got a headache because of air conditioning but at least I hadn't go out to this infernal heat.
I planned to sew during this week some of the ordered items but it turned out that I was able just to vegetate.

At least we manage to take some motion photos of my dresses...which I added in some of the previous posts.
A wonderful place for a picnic on a branch of the river Drava, which are visited only by fishermen ... only to be avoided on weekends and holidays when it's really crowded.

Two years ago I receive this interesting vintage 30's and 40's fashion magazines as a birthday present. A few Italian GRAZIA (what a pity that I don't understand Italian) and one domestic Croatian called MODA (fashion). One of them even have a pattern sheet. 
On the first occasion when I have extra time ... I'll photograph several of these sites then you'll you see how much easier is today to take patterns from Burda. 
Although it seems that the Burda is in some financial difficulties .... they reduced format of the magazine and all patterns are pushed in the once smaller format....instead of 8 sheets there are only 4 now. I don't like it at all.

This is it for today. I'm hungry. My darling is cooking today but he like when I finish the dish soooo...I have to hurry home!


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