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40s Reproduction Overalls Pants

This is my first overalls pants with crossed back, wide legged, buttoning on the left side. Icombinedpatterns from the40s factIjustchangedbackto the40's pattern...custom wish.

30s Inspired Dress

Todayis the first autumn day. For usin the northernhemisphereit is time toput awayshort sleeves, summerdresses andsandals.
It is time todrawfrom the depthsof ourclosetlong sleeves, stockings, trenchcoatsforrainydaysandcolorfulWellies. 
It is alsotime for wardroberenewal..... yeah....this is the right word. I have so many ideas and hope some of them will come to realization.

This dress was inspired by 1930s dress patterns. They often had creases on the upper part of the dress.

Peyton Place Dress

I made a dress for Karla, reproduction of Allison MacKenzie's (she was portrayed by Diane Varsi) dress from Peyton Place movie (1957)
I rememberthat myaunthad asetof books"PeytonPlace"and "ReturntoPeytonPlace"I have notread thembecause Iwas too youngthen,and afterwardsIforgot about it.WhenKarla sent me aphotofromamoviescenewhere theactressDianeVarsiwearinga dressshewantedshe saidthat this isthe one and onlyphotothatwas ableto find.
SinceI and mydearwe looking atall thevintagefilmsto whichwecome,I told himto tryto get "Peytonplace"
I did not expectsuch atopic.I was expectingsomething easy,carelessly. I remainedthrilledwith the movie.

Wish Karla would send me photos of herselfin that dress. On thedoll, like this, it does not look 

Dresshas ahidden zipper fastening on the left side. Buttons fasteningon the back is decorative.

Decorative buttons on the back
 2 front and 2 rear box pleats

Gorgeous wears my "Strawberry cheesecake dress"

Strawberry cheesecake dressfinallyfounda happyowner!!!

Red Dress With Diagonal Buttoning

Inspiration for this dress was this vintage pattern with 6 gore skirt but a keypart of the dressis aunusual diagonal buttoning.
Actually it'snotso rare. Scrollingthroughsiteswithvintagepatterns I have noticedmore patterns withdiagonalclosure. Must say it tickles me to do more of this.

Yes, I know there is no buttons on that dress. The fact is, this dress is so small sized it can't be buttoned on  that dummy.

Tohighlight thebeauty ofthe lower part dress should be worn with petticoat. 

Color isabsolutely fantastic.

Pocketsare placedin the side skirt seam.

Dissatisfaction with the dressmakers dummy

I have tocomplain about my new sewing dummy I bought a few months ago. I'm notreallysatisfied with it. 
I expectedthat it willsolveall the problems oftrying outclothingthat is largerorsmaller thanmy size, clothes that Idofor others. But it's not.

This is thedummy. It is size SMALL and that means:

Bust 84 - 104cm (33" - 41")
Waist 65 - 85cm (25.5" - 33.5")
Hips 92 - 112cm (36" - 44")
Back Length 36-40cm (14"-16") 

Yes, I cantrythe clothes onit,but this dummy doesn't have breasts or butts think that's why it allseems so...clumsy,ugly, messy and I know for sure that I don't do bigger sizes worst then smaller.

Inthe instructionsit says thatif it'sneeded...certainparts of the dummy can be padded, but I am really not in the mood to do that.This dress on the photo is size 44-46..just at the upper dummy size limit.

I knowthat thisdresslooks greaton the girlfor which it wassewn because she is a real doll, but I would like to have pho…

Plain Pattern Project Challenge

Irecentlyranan interestingproject andafter a fewdaysthinkingwhetherto joinor not....the question is if I'llhave time to finish the project on time (December 31.2011.) althoughI thinkitdoes not matteranyway. It's more important toparticipate. 
The project is called "The Plain Pattern Project" by Shelleyj aka New Vintage Lady

These are the rules:

So...I tookmyselfa fewdays to decide whichpatternwillbe the basefor my project. It should be something simple.
I came tothis. On thispatternit is possibleto addalmost anythingwhatevercomes to my mind...sleeves,collar,buttons,pockets....the sky is thelimit :)

Summer isat an end andI will needsomewarmerdresses anyway. I could sew them of corduroy or some wool blend. Yeah..I think I'll make it!!

In a boat with a dotted dress

As Imentionedin one ofthe previous posts, here are some motion photoswithblackdotteddress
The dress isverycomfortable, oneof my favorites.


By cleaningmy computer, I came acrossthe forgotten photosoftwotalentedgirls who are sisters as well,for whomIseweddressesfor their concert performances.... Zita & Nadia.

Both dresses,one black another black/red, are made of taffeta, floor length, princes cut, drop waist, sleeveless with boat neck.
I think itwould be ashame notto showphotos.