Dissatisfaction with the dressmakers dummy

I have to complain about my new sewing dummy I bought a few months ago. I'm not really satisfied with it
I expected that it will solve all the problems of trying out clothing that is larger or smaller than my size, clothes that I do for others. But it's not.

This is the dummy. It is size SMALL and that means:

Bust 84 - 104cm (33" - 41")
Waist 65 - 85cm (25.5" - 33.5")
Hips 92 - 112cm (36" - 44")
Back Length 36-40cm (14"-16") 

Yes, I can try the clothes on it, but this dummy doesn't have breasts or butts think that's why it all seems so ... clumsy, ugly, messy and I know for sure that I don't do bigger sizes worst then smaller.

In the instructions it says that if it's needed ... certain parts of the dummy can be padded, but I am really not in the mood to do that.This dress on the photo is size 44-46..just at the upper dummy size limit.

I know that this dress looks great on the girl for which it was sewn because she is a real doll, but I would like to have photos of all clothes I made and I would like this photos to be good looking.
The best thing is when I receive photos from the customers but this is unfortunately very rare.

I'll probably make those padded breasts and butts eventually.


  1. ja sam si dugo zeljela jednu takvu lutku, sve dok nisam imala prilike raditi sa njom. nakon toga nisam vise toliko inpresionirana.
    ako ti se ne da podstavljati lutku, pokusaj joj obuci podstavljeni grudnjak (ima ih u china shopu za malo kuna, that might do the trick ako moras samo grudi malo povecati. a lakse je i brze nego cijelu lutku futrati :)
    a i uvijek ti ostaje opcija da napravis torzo u vecoj velicini pa ga koristis za modeliranje i isprobavanje vecih velicina.

  2. Eh da..China shop i jeftini grudnjaci.Mogla bih i gace u to ukljuciti :) Hvala ti na ideji. Meni uopce nije na pamet palo.

    Sto se tice same lutke bolje bi bilo da je malo deblje vatirana..da je mekanija.Steta

  3. I bought one of these too and have had the same problem. After a lot of fiddling though I managed to get it to about the right size and I used a bra to get the size just right (this saved any padding out!)

  4. Cheap bras with different cup sizes! Yes that's fantastic idea.Thank you dear :)


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