Peyton Place Dress

I made a dress for Karla, reproduction of Allison MacKenzie's (she was portrayed by Diane Varsi) dress from Peyton Place movie (1957)
I remember that my aunt had a set of books "Peyton Place" and "Return to Peyton Place" I have not read them because I was too young then, and afterwards I forgot about it. When Karla sent me a photo from a movie scene where the actress Diane Varsi wearing a dress she wanted she said that this is the one and only photo that was able to find.
Since I and my dear we looking at all the vintage films to which we come, I told him to try to get "Peyton place" 

I did not expect such a topic. I was expecting something easy, carelessly. I remained thrilled with the movie.

Wish Karla would send me photos of herself in that dress. On the doll, like this, it does not look 
Dress has a hidden zipper fastening on the left side. Buttons fastening on the back is decorative.

Decorative buttons on the back
 2 front and 2 rear box pleats


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