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Red Bow Shirt

This shirt is made of Cotton is wonderfully smooth,soft,durable and easy to care fabric.
I know thatCotton Sateen is normallyusedforbed sheets,butI think it isalso perfect forwarm wintershirts.
Iwearthisshirtin combinationwith 40's style denim pants

40's Style Denim Slacks

Wide legged pants in 40's style based on Bell Bottoms pattern from the newest Burda Magazine 10/2011. I ignored pockets and front fastening with zip from original pattern and I added the side fastening with buttons.

Denim Skirt and Dotted Top

This is the same outfit I presented in my last post. Here is it with more details.

Top was actually a dress made with one of my favorite dress patterns but I cut the dress last week..I didn't feelwell inthat dress. Topisa much better option.

Skirt is made of dark blue denim. Itookas a basisslim skirtpattern withslantingpockets but I closed pocket openings with buttons. Closure is on the back with zipper and 1 button. I used red thread for top stitching.

In His Lap

Me and mydarling, we usedthe last day ofIndian summerto visit Zagreb..take a walk through the City center and Upper town, drink coffee with some pretty girls and eat "cevapcici" with dear friend.
I was in the city two years ago.We visit Zagreb's shopping mole every few months but we rarely go to city center. 
A lot oftimesI regret thatI do not livein Zagreb...museums,theaters,concerts everything is closeat hand.The truthis thatwe needonlyan hourdrive to Zagreb,but unfortunately thepriceof all thisis too highfor frequentrepetition. Thatis whywe enjoy thesmall things.

Nicegentlemanin whoselapIwassitting is Antun Gustav Matoš Croatian poet, writer, journalist past away long time ago but hismonumentis stillluringtiredwalkersto sitnext to him andenjoy the peaceand quietnessof thisplace.
 I'm wearing my new denim skirt and old/new dotted top (it was a dress before)