In His Lap

Me and my darling, we used the last day of Indian summer to visit Zagreb..take a walk through the City center and Upper town, drink coffee with some pretty girls and eat "cevapcici" with dear friend.
I was in the city two years ago.We visit Zagreb's shopping mole every few months but we rarely go to city center. 
A lot of times I regret that I do not live in Zagreb...museums,theaters,concerts everything is close at hand. The truth is that we need only an hour drive to Zagreb, but unfortunately the price of all this is too high for frequent repetition. That is why we enjoy the small things.

Nice gentleman in whose lap I was sitting is Antun Gustav Matoš Croatian poet, writer, journalist past away long time ago but his monument is still luring tired walkers to sit next to him and enjoy the peace and quietness of this place.

 I'm wearing my new denim skirt and old/new dotted top (it was a dress before)


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