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Cap Sleve Dress

The dress is made of warm wool blend in one of my favorite dress pattern. Thisis the thirddressIsewedin thatsamepattern and I love it.

This is the 5th dress with the same pattern. This time in red.

Put some color in this grayness

Hello again, I wason sick leave forseveral days, you knowthe usual...fever,sore throat, cough.For a whileit's nice todo nothing,butnotfor long.FinallyItookin my handssomething what I once beganandlay aside.
I finishedcorduroy coat and black slacks. NowI just have towait forniceweather,andpersuademy precious to bea photographer.

Here is my bright redtrench. I bought this fabric (something to do withnanotechnology) very cheap and planed to do a trenchcoat. When finished it somehowseemedtoo red..reallycatches the eye.However, looks perfectin the fog.

Flirting with Howard Greer - Transformation Dress

A year ago I came acrosstwo photographstaken from somevintage (50s?) magazine, wheredesignerHowardGreerpresents hisTravelDress.I was thrilledwith the idea of​​a dress thatcan besupplemented bya variety ofaccessoriesto changethe look. I hadplannedto doa similar thing sometime andwhenAx asked me ifI have somethingfor hernextphoto shooting I immediatelyknew it was the right thing forher.

If Ihadmore timeI'dmade​​more extrasforthe dress..those white halterneck collar for sure and maybe some 3/4 sleeve bolero jacket in some color.

The dress is made of stretch cotton fabric in combination withvelvetonthe topedge of thebodice and velvet waist band with a bow.  I used a sew-on snap fasteners for all the straps,shoulder drape and belt. Pale pink silk
collarisfastenedwith buttons. The dress has zipper fastening on the left side.

There is a kick pleat on the back of the skirt.
Organza shoulder drape is attached with sew-on snap fastener on the right side and pinned on the left side,  wide org…