Flirting with Howard Greer - Transformation Dress

A year ago I came across two photographs taken from some vintage (50s?) magazine, where designer Howard Greer presents his Travel Dress. I was thrilled with the idea of ​​a dress that can be supplemented by a variety of accessories to change the look. I had planned to do a similar thing sometime and when Ax asked me if I have something for her next photo shooting I immediately knew it was the right thing for her.

 If I had more time I'd made ​​more extras for the dress..those white halterneck collar for sure and maybe some 3/4 sleeve bolero jacket in some color.

The dress is made of stretch cotton fabric in combination with velvet on the top edge of the bodice and velvet waist band with a bow.  I used a sew-on snap fasteners for all the straps,shoulder drape and belt. Pale pink silk
collar is fastened with buttons. The dress has zipper fastening on the left side.

There is a kick pleat on the back of the skirt.
Organza shoulder drape is attached with sew-on snap fastener on the right side and pinned on the left side,  wide organza skirt and velvet waist.

With velvet halter neck and shoulder straps


Inner life of the dress..I tried to achieve a vintage style lining with firm waist band and boning.

Now I'm waiting for Ax's modeling photos.


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