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Capri On My Mind

And I don't mind Capri as an island but Capri as a pants. Capri pants are mid-calf pants worn in warm weather.
"Capri pants were introduced by European fashion designer Sonja de Lennart in 1948. The pants' name derives from the Italian isle of Capri, where they rose to popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s."
Actresses Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn were oneof the most famouspersonwho lovedto wearCapripants.

All overthe internetyou can seelots of pictureswith so-calledCapri pants, butin my opinion, this namecanonly carryslim line pants.

Black Lace Bra and Suspender belt


Wearing New Corduroy Coat

It was sunny and not too cold Saturday morning....perfect for photo-shooting on the oldrailroad bridge overthe Mura River.
I am wearing my new corduroy coat, the hat is an old thing I bought in the local department store years ago and the shoes are new Oxford pumps from BCBGeneration...I love them. The dress under the coat (last photo) is my 30s inspired dress


...or rather underbust corset, is one layer corset made of spot broche. In the first version (small photos) I added at center front and canter back one top layer of stretch was notexactlythe best idea. In the end Imade ​​acompletely newcincher made of broche.
Ichanged themethod of suspender attachingbecausethe suspender top clipsare not strong enough....they slipatthe smallesttension. Instead of this I use hooks to make suspenders detachable from corset.

Elastic loop is sewn onto the bottom edge of the corset. The hook is sewn onto the suspender edge and slips through the elastic loop.

My Second Bullet Bra

Made of taffeta with cotton lining. I drafted my own pattern for bullet bra as seen on

  Kitty Ax presents her bullet bra

Olive Green Corduroy Coat

For a long timeI was searching for dark green corduroy (or cord) with thicker width of the wale...4-6 wales/inch, alsoatmany online storesbutunsuccessfully. Eventually Ifound it inasmall shop,to whichI always forget, nearmy house. You can imagine howhappyIwas.
It was standard wale corduroy, aprox. 11 wales/inch, notthe onedesired,but good enough. And color is Olive green.
Cordfabricis quitewarm,but stillnot warmenoughfor winterwhen theicynorth windblowing.So Isewedan extrapaddedlining thatcan be attached toa coatwith buttons. There wereseveral optionsforwarm lining fixing...zipper,press fasteners and buttons. Zipperseemedtoo complicated,press fastenersleave an imprinton the fabric, so Ifinally chosethe buttons. I'm prettysatisfied with the final result.

Skirts, skirts, skirts

Hello people!
I'm sittingherecomfortablyin aoffice chair and drink my afternoon cappuccino. My winter vacation is over. I enjoyed two days of Sale Shopping. I finally found (and bought of course) high heel boots I searched for two years (you'll seethemsoon) I must say they are not THOSE PERFECT BOOTS I really want but they are close enough.
And my darling bought me shoes! Oh what a lucky girl I am.!!! I must say he buy regularly shoes for me and never complains to much If I bring home the new one..... the only conditionis thatthe heelis higherthan 6cm ha ha
This heel is 12cm high with 2 cm plateau but this shoes look like they are from 40's (photo is coming)

Duringthis weekI have not reada single book,butIwatched the first and startedthe second season ofthe seriesDowntonAbbey and I highly recommend it.

O.K I didn't only sit on the sofa and did nothing. I sew things and the first was Bowling shirt for my man, sample for thosethat follow (photo is coming). Then there was fl…