Olive Green Corduroy Coat

For a long time I was searching for dark green corduroy (or cord) with thicker width of the wale...4-6 wales/inch, also at many online stores but unsuccessfully. Eventually I found it in a small shop, to which I always forget, near my house. You can imagine how happy I was.
It was standard wale corduroy, aprox. 11 wales/inch, not the one desired, but  good enough. And color is Olive green.
Cord fabric is quite warm, but still not warm enough for winter when the icy north wind blowing. So I sewed an extra padded lining that can be attached to a coat with buttons. There were several options for warm lining fixing ... zipper,press fasteners and buttons. Zipper seemed too complicated, press fasteners leave an imprint on the fabric, so I finally chose the buttons. I'm pretty satisfied with the final result.


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