Skirts, skirts, skirts

Hello people!
I'm sitting here comfortably in a office chair and drink my afternoon cappuccino. My winter vacation is over. I enjoyed two days of Sale Shopping. I finally found (and bought of course) high heel boots I searched for two years (you'll see them soon) I must say they are not THOSE PERFECT BOOTS I really want but they are close enough.
And my darling bought me shoes! Oh what a lucky girl I am.!!! I must say he buy regularly shoes for me and never complains to much If I bring home the new one..... the only condition is that the heel is higher than 6 cm ha ha
This heel is 12cm high with 2 cm plateau but this shoes look like they are from 40's (photo is coming)

During this week I have not read a single book, but I watched the first and started the second season of the series Downton Abbey and I highly recommend it.

O.K I didn't only sit on the sofa and did nothing. I sew things and the first was Bowling shirt for my man, sample for those that follow (photo is coming). Then there was flared skirt for me, made of wool fabric that was lying in a box for years and two pretty skirts for friends friend. Oh yes, there was one more skirt made before Christmas for the lovely Pin up girl Greta.

Those two beauties fly for London tomorrow.
 Dogtooth  pattern and pleats

Pinstripe Skirt
I wasn't delighted with choice of fabrics .. it was quite thick and stretchy and I wasn't able to press it properly.

Greta's Pin-up Skirt is actually a reproduction of similar skirt whose photo she found on the net. The skirt I sew is high waisted, approx.15cm longer then original, with slightly altered back middle part.

Now, at the end, looking at all these photos.......I sew myself pretty boring skirts and I have to change this.



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