Almost the entire month has passed since my last post!!! Unbelievable how time passes quickly when you have lot to do. Yes ... I was quite busy during this month. I made some nice things to take with me when visiting Tear it up festival in Medulin,Croatia. 
I also made two formal for the future bride and one for her mother. The main thing ... a wedding gown, is under construction. It is princes line dress with strapless neckline, made of georgette with organza overlay. The bust line will be accented with organza V-pleating. Sateen band sash will define the empire waistline...maybe with a tiny bow. I'm planing to sew a satin jacket or bolero for the church appearance.
We made a first rehearsal..pattern fits, tomorrow is the second rehearsal.

I'm also working on my blue double breasted dress that I will probably wear to Burlesque Show.
Now I have to find a time to photograph everything.


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