Bullet Bra&Girdle/Rewiew

I got recently some beautiful presents and two of them are Cabaret Bullet Bra from What Katie Did and Vargas Longline Girdle in Plum from Kiss Me Deadly (also with matching Gio stockings).

I am satisfied with the Bullet Bra. On the beginning it was quite a new feeling. Sure it looks funny when combined with tight T-shirt, but it feels good when I wear it under the blouse. Now I have two of them.The first,white one is bought on ebay from retrogirl1966 and I really like it. It is the same as on the photo but all in white.

Bullet Bra from ebay

Cabaret Bullet Bra from WKD

   Girdle looks fantastic on the fabulous Morgana, a little less fantastic on me, but I'm just an average woman.
As I always buy black or white underwear, some color is always welcome and plum color is one of my favorites.
    Had a little trouble with the closure until I figured out that I have to buckle and then pull over.The only thing that I do not like are the claspstheir position actually. All three clasps should be even and they are not. The middle (side) clasp is too long, and the rear is too short. It doesn't look nice if it is closed with all three clasps...stocking is too stretched on the back side and crimped on the side. 
Dear underwear manufacturers! The rear clasp always have to be the longest. Same goes for the suspender belts.         


Now I already have a nice collection....

Vargas dress in black - nice underwear

Rago cincher 721 black/pink

Rago Lacette OBG Bodybriefer 9357 in white

Rago OBG 1361 in black
Rago open bottom girdle 1294 in black

  One more thing.
If you don't like corsets but you would like to shape some of your body parts I recommend Rago Shapewear.


  1. I bought the vargas girdle in Plum too :) unfortunately I had to return it (but I kept the stockings) because it was too big. Being that Morgana and me are about the same size I am guessing there was some fashion tape or photoshop involved to make it look like that...

  2. i love wearing my rago girdles .


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