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Sleeveless Green Dress

This simple dressis meant to beforthehome,but withthe rightaccessoriescan be wornto work orto go outfor dinner.  It is made of cotton print fabric, green with golden dot's. Fabric is actually meant to be for the Christmas decoration but I'vealways beena bitunconventional...
The pattern is an old Burda pattern that I alwayscome backto because it's so simple and comfortable.

This oldwarehouseis an excellentbackground. Photo by Petitny

....and this are the other dresses made with the same pattern, plus some other before which I never photographed.

Pin-Up Panties,Bloomers and Suspenders

Hipeople!Inthe past fewdaysI finallyfocusedonlingerie,specificallyon the panties andgarters.
In one of thepastBurdaStyle magazinetherewas apatternofhigh-waistedpanties. They are really nota problemto sew only that ItookonesizesmallerpatternsinceIsewedthemout ofstretchynet fabric.
This timeI didn't madecottoncrotch so this is sexy see through panties!
I also made two pair of sheer crotchless bloomers...actually I made them earlier but his time I added some bows.

..anda fewsuspenderbelts with pieces oflycra andlace.

My Blue Dress

Question was should I make one side buttoning or double sided.

I chose double sided.
After I wore this dress for the first time I realized I shouldn't wear it on the windy day becauseitopensup to thewaist.It wouldn't bebadto addanothertwo rows ofbuttons.

Black Velvet Dress

This is custom dress made for Ivana aka Greta MaCabre. Sheworethat dressto theCabaretNewBurlesqueshow this Saturday.
I mustsaylast weekwasverystressfulbecause ofthat dress. Longerthan a weekwe havenegotiatedaboutfabric.I went throughall theshopsin the areaand eventuallyboughtthat firstsuggested....velvet. At the end, Ihadonly threedays tomake a dress.
I toldher tosecure asecondoutfit, just in case if thedressdoes notsuit(velvet was not stretchy and thedressshouldbetight). Luckily, thedresswas perfect. Ah, howgoodI am! :)

 Cuffs and waistband with big bow  are made of Shantung fabric.
It's a pitythatthere's nophotowhere wesee more of the dress but it mayappearsomethingthese days.

update 27.07.2012.
Photos: Franjo Matković 2012
Model: Ivana Benko (Greta MaCabre)

Cupcake Halter neck Top

Cupcake cotton print, Sweetheart neckline, halter neck, zipper on the side.