Black Velvet Dress

     This is custom dress made for Ivana aka Greta MaCabre. She wore that dress to the Cabaret New Burlesque show this Saturday.
I must say last week was very stressful because of that dress. Longer than a week we have negotiated about fabric. I went through all the shops in the area and eventually bought that first suggested....velvet. At the end, I had only three days to make a dress.
I told her to secure a second outfit, just in case if the dress does not suit (velvet was not stretchy and the dress should be tight). Luckily, the dress was perfect. Ah, how good I am! :)

 Cuffs and waistband with big bow  are made of Shantung fabric.
It's a pity that there's no photo where we see more of the dress but it may appear something these days.

update 27.07.2012.
Photos: Franjo Matković 2012
Model: Ivana Benko (Greta MaCabre)


  1. Prelepa haljina! Rado bih je nosila i van kabarea :)

  2. Ajme, ova mi je valjda najljepša od svih...obožavam baršun...


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