Sleeveless Green Dress

This simple dress is meant to be for the home, but with the right accessories can be worn to work or to go out for dinnerIt is made of cotton print fabric, green with golden dot's. Fabric is actually meant to be for the Christmas decoration but I've always been a bit unconventional...
The pattern is an old Burda pattern that I always come back to because it's so simple and comfortable.

 This old warehouse is an excellent background. Photo by Petitny


....and this are the other dresses made with the same pattern, plus some other before which I never photographed.



  1. imam ovaj zeleni materijal doma vec neko vrijeme. i nikako da ga uspijem zamisliti u nekom odjevnom premetu. hvala ti na inspiraciji :)
    oh, i izgledas preeee kjut, kao i uvijek :D

    1. hej hvala ti:)
      I kod mene je stajao jedno vrijeme i čekao inspiraciju.

  2. mene zapravo odbijaju ove zlatne tocke. XD
    zlato i ja, nikako da se sprijateljimo..

    1. inače izbjegavam bilo što svjetlucavo, ali te mi točkice više vuku na bež..nije upadljivo


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