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Red Wiggle Skirt

Red skirt and sleeveless blouse, white with red dot's and removable collar.


I Made A Wedding Gown

OK , it is not my first wedding dress. I workedbefore, about 5yearsonwedding andformaldresses only. Then I changed my working place and didn't sew a thing few years after that. And then Ibecame interested incorsetsand 40's,50'sfashion. The rest is here, on this blog.

The bride is a lovely girl Andrijana, we used to work together. She askedme tosow herwedding gownand twoevening gownsforherwedding.
I have a greatcomplaints forthe photographer, he (or she) was notpaying attentiononbride's gown!!There is notone photowith thebrideherselfand whereshedoes not hidethe dress with something or somebody. I did not have time to take photos before delivering the dress.
About dress............The lineof thisdressiscalled theEmpireline.The dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust and a skirt is long and loosely fitting.

Girls with nervous fingers had some problems with zipper :)

I made for her two more dresses.One is Violet Cocktail Dress
.. and this blue dress that looks g…