I Made A Wedding Gown

OK , it is not my first wedding dress. I worked before, about 5 years on wedding and formal dresses only. Then I changed my working place and didn't sew a thing few years after that. And then I became interested in corsets and 40's,50's fashion. The rest is here, on this blog.

The bride is a lovely girl Andrijana, we used to work together. She asked me to sow her wedding gown and two evening gowns for her wedding. 
I have a great complaints for the photographer, he (or she) was not paying attention on bride's gown!! There is not one photo with the bride herself and where she does not hide the dress with something or somebody. I did not have time to take photos before delivering the dress.
About dress............The line of this dress is called the Empire line.The dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust and a skirt is long and loosely fitting.

Girls with nervous fingers had some problems with zipper :)

I made for her two more dresses.One is Violet Cocktail Dress 

.. and this blue dress that looks gorgeous on her. You can't see much on that low quality photo. Heh...I also made red colorful empire style maternity dress you see on that photo.


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