Top, Tutu and Skirt

Back from vacation. Two weeks of lazing around is over and a lot of work is waiting for me. Throughout these two weeks I managed to read "50 Shades of Gray" trilogy, paint the hallway in blue-gray, big kitchen cleaning, sew tutu skirt with satin top and red dotted full circle skirt and almost finished hubby's blue pants....this was just yesterday because outside was cold and windy. 

Tutu, skirt and top are made for a pretty young actress Karolina Horvat, member of the acting troupe "Pinklec" and she will wear it at the gala premiere of the play in which she acts, it will be held in late September. I hope I will be able to take pictures of her when she'll lift this set because it is so small sized that does not fit the doll (top).

 There are 12 layers of tulle in Tutu skirt....6 in turquoise and 6 in white color
Top is made of satin with zipper on the left side. It's not connected with a skirt as it is on Carrie's dress. Karolina can wear all parts independently from each other.
Inspiration was  Carrie B.'s outfit from "Sex in the city"


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