30's Style Silk Velvet Dress

I was so startled when I saw the crumpled cloth in the bag, how will this delicate fabrics behave under the machine, under the iron.  I cautiously took one piece of fabric leftover and ironed it first, and then sewed one seam  and. .......... it worked out great.

Prestrašila sam se kad sam vidjela tu tkaninu zgužvanu u vrečici, kako će se ta osjetljiva tkanina ponašati pod mašinom, pod peglom. Oprezno sam uzela jedan komad tkanine ostatak poslije krojenja i prvo ga ispeglala, a onda sašila jedan šav i...........sve je ispalo divno.


  1. Is this a Burda pattern? Maybe from 2008? Your clothes are really beautiful but it would be nice if you could identify the garments that are drafted by you vs those you use commercial patterns for like Burdastyle magazine etc. Thank you in advance!

    1. Well it is a good idea. I never thought about this. Thank you. The pattern for the dress is from BurdaStyle magazine 3/2008.


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