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Red Dotted Blouse

Old pattern new blouse. It is dress pattern from Burda Style magazine 3/2008 and I love it. Perfect for vintage style blouse.

New Suspender Belts

As I mentioned few posts back I notice that suspenders (garters) are bestseller in my Etsy shop. Withthree modelsfrom beforeI madetwo more withdifferent combinations ofcolors andlace.Black andwhite fornowand the redwill come.
I'm waiting for red elastic trim to come from England because it seems impossible to find it here in Croatia.
Must say it took me alot of time andnerves togetall the parts forthe redsuspenders. I ordered two different Lycra fabric from Sewing Chest shop just in case if one doesn't fit. What I received was not at all red. One had very pale nuance and the other was fuchsia. 
I don't needto tell youthat I waspretty angry, but on the otherhand it was myown fault. Icouldwait alittle andorder samples.
Fortunately, I founda nice red Lycra in myfavorite storein Zagreb,and bestof allthey hadevenredhook and eye closurethat Icompletely forgot to buy.

Nekoliko postovaunatragspomenulasam da samprimijetila dasu halteribestseler umojemEtsydućanu. S trimodelaod prijenapr…

New Red Garter Belt

Finally finished!
FinallyI gatheredall the necessary partsfor the redgarter belt and nowthey are ready fora showdown.
Ifyou like themand want toown them, buy themin myEtsyshop.
Konačno gotovi!
Konačno sam sakupila sve potrebne dijelove za crvene haltere i sad su spremni za pokazivanje.
Ako vas se sviđaju i želite ih posjedovati možete ih kupiti u mojem Etsy dućanu.
 double row hook and eye closure on the back

Boucle Wrap Blouse

I finally made some upper clothes for myself. This is wrap blouse made of boucle fabric, black and mustard, stretchy and warm.

Herein combinationwitha blacksleeveless sheath dress

My Dress In a Music Video

Wohoooooooo!!! Greta wears my Golden Glitter Dress in new music video of young croatian singer Marko Tolja. The videohas not beenreleased,but as soon as it is I'll puta link. I only havea picture for now.

Red Pin Up Dungarees

Bib with sweetheart neckline, slit pockets, 3/4 legs, open back and anchor buttons.