Friday, 28 June 2013

Black Sleeveless Cowl neck Dress

For this dress I combined two patterns... the neckline from Burda 10/2012, and the rest of the dresses from Burda 3/2008 where I had to increase front darts by 5 cm.
The dress is sewn of georgette fabric and zipper is on the left side, although I would prefer to put it back because it is now a little "pushing" thin cloth on the left.
Za ovu haljinu kombinirala sam dva kroja iz vratni izrez kroj iz Burde 10/2012, a ostatak haljine iz Burde 3/2008 s time da sam na prednjici morala povisiti ušitke za 5 cm.
Haljina je sašivena od žoržet tkanine i zatvarač je s lijeve strane mada bi ga ja rađe stavila na leđa jer je sad malo "gurao" tanku tkaninu s lijeve strane.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pink Burda Dress

This dress was made for a gorgeous young girl called Edna. She is my friends daughter and the dress fits her perfectly. I hope I'll get some photos of her in that dress.

The pattern is taken from 5/2013 Burda Style magazine- Bell Sleeve Top

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tiki Girl

Playful summer duo...blouse and shorts in floral and black. Custom work.

Model: Greta MaCabre, Photo: Anja Photography

Custom dress

Heart-shaped neckline, short puf sleeves, A line skirt. This is a short description for this gorgeous feminine dress made of georgette fabric.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Hi there!
There are several reasons for this that I have not written a blog for more than a month. The first is the elderflower season when I make syrup. Another reason is strawberry jam which I do every year and we just emptied the last jar of the last year.

After that, my husband and I we ventured into renovation of our sofa. It looks simple, but believe me it is not. It was a procedure that, for me, lasted three days. We have changed the wire core, we add another layer of sponge, new backrests and new upholstery.  


 It looks a bit rumpled because the fabric is 100% cotton twill, I washed it and dried in the dryer before cutting to pre-shrunk the fabric.

I am satisfied with the work done, but it was the last time I did that. Too much stress and wasted time. Next time we buy a new sofa!

And then I become addicted after reading Karen Marie Moning "Darkfever" first part of the Fever Series so I had to read the other four sequels, immediately :)

I have a few new things to show you, but more on that tomorrow.