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Black Sleeveless Cowl neck Dress

Forthis dressIcombinedtwopatterns...thenecklinefromBurda10/2012, and the restof thedresses fromBurda3/2008where Ihad to increasefrontdartsby 5cm.
The dress issewn ofgeorgettefabricand zipperis on the left side, althoughIwouldprefer toputitbackbecause it isnowa little "pushing"thin clothon the left.

Za ovu haljinu kombinirala sam dva kroja iz vratni izrez kroj iz Burde10/2012, a ostatak haljine iz Burde 3/2008 s time da sam na prednjici morala povisiti ušitke za 5 cm.
Haljina je sašivena od žoržet tkanine i zatvarač je s lijeve strane mada bi ga ja rađe stavila na leđa jer je sad malo "gurao" tanku tkaninu s lijeve strane.

Pink Burda Dress

This dress was made for a gorgeous young girl called Edna. She is my friends daughter and the dress fits her perfectly. I hope I'll get some photos of her in that dress.

The pattern is taken from 5/2013 Burda Style magazine- Bell Sleeve Top

Tiki Girl

Playful summer duo...blouse and shorts in floral and black. Custom work.

Custom dress

Heart-shaped neckline, short puf sleeves, A line skirt. This is a short description for this gorgeous feminine dress made of georgette fabric.


Hi there!
There areseveral reasons for thisthat I have notwrittena blogfor morethan a month. The first is the elderflower season when I make syrup. Another reasonis strawberry jamwhichI doevery year andwe justemptiedthe lastjar ofthe last year.

After that,my husband and Iwe ventured intorenovation of oursofa. It looks simple, but believe me itis not.It was aprocedure that, for me,lastedthree days.We have changed thewirecore, we addanother layer ofsponge,newbackrestsandnewupholstery.

It looksa bitrumpledbecausethe fabric is100% cotton twill,I washed itand driedin the dryerbeforecutting to pre-shrunk the fabric.

I amsatisfiedwiththe work done, but itwas the lasttime Idid that.Too much stressand wasted time.Next timewe buya newsofa!

And then I become addictedafterreading Karen Marie Moning "Darkfever"firstpart of the Fever Seriesso Ihad toread theotherfoursequels, immediately :)

I have a fewnew thingsto show you,butmore on thattomorrow.