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There are several reasons for this that I have not written a blog for more than a month. The first is the elderflower season when I make syrup. Another reason is strawberry jam which I do every year and we just emptied the last jar of the last year.

After that, my husband and I we ventured into renovation of our sofa. It looks simple, but believe me it is not. It was a procedure that, for me, lasted three days. We have changed the wire core, we add another layer of sponge, new backrests and new upholstery.  


 It looks a bit rumpled because the fabric is 100% cotton twill, I washed it and dried in the dryer before cutting to pre-shrunk the fabric.

I am satisfied with the work done, but it was the last time I did that. Too much stress and wasted time. Next time we buy a new sofa!

And then I become addicted after reading Karen Marie Moning "Darkfever" first part of the Fever Series so I had to read the other four sequels, immediately :)

I have a few new things to show you, but more on that tomorrow.


  1. sviđa mi se kauč!svaka čast, sve sama napraviti!

    1. Hvala.Šivala sam presvlaku dva puta prije ovog,ali ovaj put je to bio pošteni posao s tapeciranjem koje izgleda jednostavno ali ipak nije.


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