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New Floral Dress

Hello hello!
After four days of a beautiful sunny and warm seaside brake with my husband and dear friends from UK I am back and a lot of work is waiting forme.
I was able toshowsome of my new wardrobe...floral dress and blouse and denim skirt but this wholesummerI have nothad timeto sewmyselfa bathing suit. Canyouimaginethat? Seamstresswithouther own bathing suit.
Now thatsummer isgoneIdo not needswimsuit anymore andI'llsewitbeforenext summer...and so thisis the third yearin a row. What an embarrassment.

Here is my new dress. I immediatelyfell in love withthiscotton/silk voile fabric. It looks like an old dutch master painting. Too badthere was nomorethan 2 m.

Jane asked what pattern did I use for the is from the 5/2006 Burda and sleeves from the 3/2008 Burda Style magazine

And this is my new blouse with the same fabric, the rest of it actually. Pattern is from the 3/2008 Burda Style magazine.

Samples and plans

Good day today!
   I am happytodaybecauseI'm leaving tomorrowfor a shortbreak fromeverything (exceptmy husbandbecausehe's coming with me). We will enjoy Istrian late summer in small picturesque town Bale-Valle. Mother in law is babysitting ...khm..babies are 10 and 16.
After thatI have to beready fornew challenges.

Some of my new lingerie pieces are half way ready like this new pattern 7 panel garter belts with new laces. Ialwaysbuysmall quantities offabricsespeciallylaces.

 I already made new double strap garter belt for special occasions/fetishists. Available in my Etsy store in beige, blue, red, fuchsia red and black.

And this is a new fabric for holidays edition. Hope I'll make it in the right time for New Year's shopping.

About negative review and New shoes

Hello hello!
Long time no see!
This summerhaspassed very quickly. At the beginning of July I had really much work to do so I decided to take a break from sewing made to order clothes and taking Etsy orders only.
I realized that garter belts and retro pants, especially dungarees are my best selling items on Etsy. 
Although myfavoritesewinggarment are dresses and I sew them as made for order really really much,inthe past year on Etsy I sold...just two. And I didn't sell any skirt.  Unbelievable. 

In the meantime I receive my first (and only) negative feedback which in factis not a negative, but itdid not bringany good.
It says so:
"First let me start out that Goga's retro garter belt is awesome, and if someone fits in Coco's Retro Closet standard sizes, I'm sure it would work awesome. I had messaged the Goga with my size in both private message and on the order. Since you have to choose a size when ordering I choose large, but she said I just needed to include a no…