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Hello hello!
Long time no see!
This summer has passed very quickly. At the beginning of July I had really much work to do so I decided to take a break from sewing made to order clothes and taking Etsy orders only.
I realized that garter belts and retro pants, especially dungarees are my best selling items on Etsy. 
Although my favorite sewing garment are dresses and I sew them as made for order really really much, in the past year on Etsy I sold ... just two. And I didn't sell any skirt.  Unbelievable. 

In the meantime I receive my first (and only) negative feedback which in fact is not a negative, but it did not bring any good.
It says so:
 "First let me start out that Goga's retro garter belt is awesome, and if someone fits in Coco's Retro Closet standard sizes, I'm sure it would work awesome. I had messaged the Goga with my size in both private message and on the order. Since you have to choose a size when ordering I choose large, but she said I just needed to include a note what size waist I am. I did receive a large in the mail which was 20 inches short of closing. I did reach out to Goga and she encouraged me to send it back to be fixed. I just was so disappointed that I never did. Part of the reason is it was planned for a special event and it arrived in plenty of time for the event however I did not have the time to ship back for adjustments. Its harder to find garter belts in plus sizes and I was hopeful this could be my shop. I do not take negative feedback lightly. I have never selected Negative on an Etsy purchase. I have fought with myself about posting it. My concern is if another larger woman is looking for a garter belt,..."

It wasn't really nice. Well,  I do understand how she must felt when she received to small garter belt, but I would not give up and because of my laziness left negative feedback to seller. 
In my defense I must say that I never before made such a big size (her waist was 56"/142cm) so she has not received size L, as she said, but 2XL which was still too small.
I made for her another garter belt and send her after I received feedback and hoped that she will tell me if this was OK but I never heard a word from her again. Pity

Right now I am searching through the internet to find some beautiful plus size girl who will be willing to review and model garter belt for me.

my new red shoes


  1. baš mi je žao. vjerujem da nije ugodan osjećaj, ali nisi napravila niš krivo..

    1. da, ali me to ipak ždere jer vidim da ljudi gledaju jer haltere veće od veličine Large ne prodajem

  2. Jesus Christ 142cm waist?? No offence to plus sized girls, but 142cm waist passes "plus size" waaay back. Instead of leaving negative comments for no reason, she should maybe consider losing weight. Then the pretty garter belt in 2XL actually would fit.

    1. Yes, but it was my fault anyway because she asked me if I am capable to make a garter belt for her and I said yes :/

  3. pa u ovom slučaju ona je sama kriva, mogla je vratiti proizvod i sve bi se sredilo. nije u redu da ostavlja negativni feedback iz tog razloga. da sad budem malo zla: tko zna, možda joj to bude podstreh da smršavi :-P hihi, neću više...inače, cipele su mrak!

    1. Točno. Zbog toga mi je i žao što je ostavila takav feedback. Cipele su trenutno omiljene :)


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