New Floral Dress

Hello hello!
After four days of a beautiful sunny and warm seaside brake with my husband and dear friends from UK I am back and a lot of work is waiting for me. 
I was able to show some of my new wardrobe...floral dress and blouse and denim skirt but this whole summer I have not had time to sew myself a bathing suit. Can you imagine that? Seamstress without her own bathing suit.
Now that summer is gone I do not need swimsuit anymore and I'll sew it before next summer ... and so this is the third year in a row. What an embarrassment.

Here is my new dress. I immediately fell in love with this cotton/silk voile fabric. It looks like an old dutch master painting. Too bad there was no more than 2 m.

Jane asked what pattern did I use for the is from the 5/2006 Burda and sleeves from the 3/2008 Burda Style magazine

And this is my new blouse with the same fabric, the rest of it actually. Pattern is from the 3/2008 Burda Style magazine.


  1. ajme, prekrasna je haljina ( i bluza također) :)
    ta čeka iduće ljeto? ;)

    1. bile su pokazane u javnosti ovog ljeta, svaka po jednom :))

  2. What pattern did you use for the dress? It's lovely.

    1. Thank you Jane! Dress pattern is from the 5/2006 and sleeves from the 3/2008 Burda Style magazine


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