Samples and plans

   Good day today!
   I am happy today because I'm leaving tomorrow for a short break from everything (except my husband because he's coming with me). We will enjoy Istrian late summer in small picturesque town Bale-Valle. Mother in law is babysitting ...khm..babies are 10 and 16.
After that I have to be ready for new challenges.

Some of my new lingerie pieces are half way ready like this new pattern 7 panel garter belts with new laces. I always buy small quantities of fabrics especially laces.

 I already made new double strap garter belt for special occasions/fetishists. Available in my Etsy store in beige, blue, red, fuchsia red and black.

And this is a new fabric for holidays edition. Hope I'll make it in the right time for New Year's shopping.



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