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Gorgeous girl is wearing my lingerie

TodayI receivedphotos witha beautifulJuneStormwearingmyDelphinelingerie set.
Feel free toadmire.

Credits are as follows: Barb Weir Photography Model: June Storm MUAH: June Storm

Happy customer

This lovelyladyordered acustom madedenim dungareesandis verypleasedwith them. And I am happy too :)

Golden Black Lingerie Set- Bra & Garter/Suspender belt

New Golden Black lingerie set!

Full bust bra is made with KvikSew Misses bra pattern, in combination with golden satin and soft black mesh for better fitting.

Suspender Belt is 40's 50's inspired, made in combination with no-stretch satin and soft stretchy lingerie mesh for better fitting.

Istrian Seaside Break

It was the endof September inIstria, in thevillage ofBale. In the hotel named La Grisa with the best restaurant in Istria (2013.) with the same name. The food wasdivine.
If you ever come to Istria go and visit this small village whereyou can hearthe silence.

The hotel is made of 6 or 7 neighboring houses with 2 entrances and restaurant terrace/foyer in the middle.
Each room is furnishedanddecorated differently,in a modern way, butwith a touch ofthe originaloldhouse. I really liked staying there.

 Entrance II (our) with the original well
Passage between houses/restaurant terrace behind the wall. Local'swere passing by and wishedusBuon appetito! a good appetitein domestic Italian dialect :) Yes they are Croatians but with Italian heritage. Istriansspeakstwo languages​​. And rightin the village ofBalepeople speakoldItalian Latindialect.
oldnarrow streets

abandoned houses
wanna buy?

Sea view from our room window.......the seais 12 km away....National ParkBrijuniIs…

200 sales on Etsy and Crying over the blue garter belts

The last week was the day when I had 200th sale from my Etsy shop! Yay!!!! I think Idid quite wellin thepastyear.
Who would havethought thata classicgarter belts wouldsellso well. 
Last yearat the same timeI had1327views, 128favoritesand1sale. Now I have 4264 views, 369 favorites (which is unusually low) and 19 sales and it's onlymiddle of the month.

What I do notlike aboutthis jobis thatI neverknow how manysuppliesshould Ipurchasedbecause eachmonth is different. That's why I'm alwaysin deadline rush,becauseshipmentsof coursedoes not comeat the timewhenI need to. Right now I'm waiting for a black Lycra, my No.1 supply . Fabric was dispatched a week before last week together with another package. So, the other package came last Friday and package with fabric is still not here (it's Friday again). Did package lost? What to do? Should I order another fabric? But then I'll have to wait another week to come. 
If it's still doesn't come until Monday I'll ha…