200 sales on Etsy and Crying over the blue garter belts

The last week was the day when I had 200th sale from my Etsy shop! Yay!!!! I think I did quite well in the past year.
Who would have thought that a classic garter belts would sell so well
Last year at the same time I had 1327 views, 128 favorites and 1 sale. Now I have 4264 views, 369 favorites (which is unusually low) and 19 sales and it's only middle of the month.

What I do not like about this job is that I never know how many supplies should I purchased because each month is different. That's why I'm always in deadline rush, because shipments of course does not come at the time when I need to. Right now I'm waiting for a black Lycra, my No.1 supply . Fabric was dispatched a week before last week together with another package. So, the other package came last Friday and package with fabric is still not here (it's Friday again). Did package lost? What to do? Should I order another fabric? But then I'll have to wait another week to come. 
If it's still doesn't come until Monday I'll have to go to Zagreb and try to find an adequate black Lycra fabric. Wish me luck.

This week I had to cancel the order on blue garter belt because I ran out of blue strap elastic. After a long search I found it in a Dutch online store and I was sooooo happy.............until then when I saw how much postage is required for 25m strap elastic......ridiculous 30. Elastic costs is 7.62. 
I really can not understand why they have so unnecessarily large postage. I could cry because of that. My husband says that it would be ridiculous waste of money.

It is better to put a large cross over the beautiful all blue Garter belt. No more. Nema više. No más. Keine mehr. Niente più.
Just to remember....


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