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Would you like to have a new pencil skirt?

For some timenow I amaware of myrapidly growing fabric collection. What to dowith it?
I took photos ofsome of the fabricpieces andfoundthem apurpose,some of them forskirts,somefordressesand the other for blouses. It's reallya pity not touse thesepretty fabric pieces.

Sogood people,if you likesomeof the presented fabric pieces, just send me a message so we can arrange your new pencil skirt or go directly to my shop page.
Blousesanddressesin someof the followingposts.
Available Pencil Skirt Patterns:

Dress for the retro/modern Jane Eyre

This is my first blog post in the New 2014. The last year endedvery good and I can tell this one will be fabulous!

TodayI presentto youacustom dress made for my regular customer. She wantedherdressto besimilar tothe Russianschool uniform or Jane Eyre dress.

The lace collar is mine as she has her own crocheted collar and cuffs. The dress is fully lined, except the sleeves, with back zip closure.
Fabric is cotton sateen, with poly lining.