Monday, 28 April 2014

Floral Rose Garden Lingerie in Coral Red

I managed to find two more fabrics with flowers, as the last, turquoise one was sold out. This one is with pink, orange and yellow flowers and green levees on coral red background. 
Lingerie is made of floral spandex. Lingerie is stretchy and the bra is lined.
I could not decide should I make it with white straps, elastics etc.or with black so I decided to leave that choice to the buyer. 
Girdle from the last photo is made with black finish.
Lingerie is available for purchase in my shop
Hope you like it!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vintage Bra and Tap Pants Reproduction

I did it again. I couldn't resist it.
When I received custom order request for vintage bra reproduction I immediately said YES without thinking or asking. It was my wish for a long time but as I never have enough time for making such things in my free time (there is no such thing like my free time) I accepted the challenge.
I closed my eyes to the choice of fabrics, but ... I could not give up now when I have already bought the pattern
Oh how I hate satin!!! The last time I said never again, but I am really not strong-willed. And moreover, even padded bra. PADDED. 
Well, the pattern was really simple and I though I can make it. And I did. And made matching Tap Pants also.
 I did not managed to put tap pants on the dummy, they were too small.
 Bra cups are padded and bra is lined with peach colored cotton.
 Pattern is bought on

Black Adele Lingerie Set

I present you new lingerie set named Adele. I hope you'll like it.

Bralette - not lined and soft, for A and B cup

Full band bra, underwired, with soft lined cups.
This bra supposed to be mine but somehow I managed to sew a size 36C instead of 36B. Also it will be much better if dotted spandex will be only at upper cup. As I am always in hurry, I didn't even put a bow on the bra before photographing. It looks unfinished and definitely needs improvement.

Matching garter belt/suspender belt - classic pattern, with 6 adjustable straps, with front panel made of dotted spandex

Longline garter belt/suspender belt - front looks like it is open bottom girdle but it actually has open rear just like any other garter belt/suspender belt
Front mid panel is made of dotted spandex and it has 6 non adjustable straps
Wear shorter stockings with this garter belt/suspender belt

Pull on Open Bottom Girdle/ OBG
Front is almost the same as the Longline garter belt, but this girdle has transparent back panel. Although, if you don't like sheerness girdle can be made with the same black opaque Lycra as the rest.

Lingerie is available for purchase in my shop

New Fabrics and Laces! Florals, Pink, Emerald Green, Beige and Black

This is the newest black stretch lace
Here in combination with pink Lycra, also new, half made and waiting. Pink will be in combination with black lace panels,black trimmings, garter straps and bows.
But I also thinking about pink and white. It will be a softer version with delicate white lace and white trimmings, garter straps and bows.

This are the new spandex fabrics for the Rose Garden Lingerie Set, as the original turquoise fabric is not available anymore and I had to find some replacement fabric/s.
coral with orange and purple flowers
blue and yellow flowers combo
Can't wait to start with the sewing and I desperately need more time to work on a new design but I don't have it right now and all the beautiful new fabrics and laces have to wait.

This emerald green lace will be a replacement for the mesh, which I no longer have, for the Emerald Queen Set.

Beige lace will also be in combination with black Lycra, but what do you think about beige with beige?
Ah, those sweet torments!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Mannequin

My old dummy wasn't pretty when I first found it in the theater basement....once, she was an actress in a play. I decided it was a time to find another star.
The intention was to buy a new display dummy for clothes and a separate torso for lingerie. I handed that task to my husband and he fulfilled it more than satisfactory so we bought this full body torso mannequin dummy

from Mannequins Avenue shop on Ebay
It is available only in size UK10, a little bit skinny  but I am really happy with because it's not shapeless as the other standard dummies.It has nice breasts and buttocks, pretty shapes for lingerie. 

This is my old one