New Fabrics and Laces! Florals, Pink, Emerald Green, Beige and Black

This is the newest black stretch lace
Here in combination with pink Lycra, also new, half made and waiting. Pink will be in combination with black lace panels,black trimmings, garter straps and bows.
But I also thinking about pink and white. It will be a softer version with delicate white lace and white trimmings, garter straps and bows.

This are the new spandex fabrics for the Rose Garden Lingerie Set, as the original turquoise fabric is not available anymore and I had to find some replacement fabric/s.
coral with orange and purple flowers
blue and yellow flowers combo
Can't wait to start with the sewing and I desperately need more time to work on a new design but I don't have it right now and all the beautiful new fabrics and laces have to wait.

This emerald green lace will be a replacement for the mesh, which I no longer have, for the Emerald Queen Set.

Beige lace will also be in combination with black Lycra, but what do you think about beige with beige?
Ah, those sweet torments!


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