Vintage Bra and Tap Pants Reproduction

I did it again. I couldn't resist it.
When I received custom order request for vintage bra reproduction I immediately said YES without thinking or asking. It was my wish for a long time but as I never have enough time for making such things in my free time (there is no such thing like my free time) I accepted the challenge.
I closed my eyes to the choice of fabrics, but ... I could not give up now when I have already bought the pattern
Oh how I hate satin!!! The last time I said never again, but I am really not strong-willed. And moreover, even padded bra. PADDED. 
Well, the pattern was really simple and I though I can make it. And I did. And made matching Tap Pants also.
 I did not managed to put tap pants on the dummy, they were too small.
 Bra cups are padded and bra is lined with peach colored cotton.
 Pattern is bought on


  1. AMAZING !!!! I would love to buy these im currently trying to find a pair like


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