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Burgundy red Peplum Sleeve Silk Dress

Ah, finally! Summer is here and I have a whole month to prepare for our seaside vacation. I managed to finish some dresses last week. Fabrics were bought last year, but I didn't have time to make them at that time.
Pattern for my first summer dress is from Burda, Peplum Sleeve Dress 02/2014 #112. and I knew exactly the right fabric for that dress....burgundy red cotton/silk blend fabric.

The dress is a little bit different from my usual hourglass 40's-50's retro style. It was a shock in the first moment and even my hubby had that look in his eyes, but after I put some make up and my sandal heels on, it was completely different story. At first I made dresslengthbelow the knee butit lookedsomehowwrong. I thought it wouldbebetterifIshowmy knees.
The dress is gorgeously comfortable and I really like it.
Here it is...

Burlesque Queen, Pink and Black Lingerie Combination

Pink and black, I always wanted to make that combination but neverfound thetime until now. 

I made that bra with different pattern as I usually do. Kwik Sew 3166. I already made bustier with that pattern, here.. Undies for the bride. What I don't like on that pattern is sizing. I just hate when something delicateasa bra, is labeled as medium or large..
Didn't use padding for that particular bra, but it should be (and will be) added for a better look and feel.

I wanted to make a little bit different garter/suspender belt. Front and back is narrower and sides are wider, more hip hugging. Hope you like it!

Well, I think Ideserveda littlebreak from all that lingerie in the past months. It'stimeto change thesituationin my dressing room.

Floral "Rose Garden Blue" Lingerie Set

This is one of my favorites, floral lingerie set made of beautiful soft spandex fabric with blue and yellow flowers.
Full band bra with soft underwired cups and open bottom, pull on girdle with 6 garter straps

and combination with 6 strap garter belt/ suspender belt

Perfect for combination with your everyday underwear.