Burgundy red Peplum Sleeve Silk Dress

Ah, finally! Summer is here and I have a whole month to prepare for our seaside vacation. I managed to finish some dresses last week. Fabrics were bought last year, but I didn't have time to make them at that time.
Pattern for my first summer dress is from Burda, Peplum Sleeve Dress 02/2014 #112. and I knew exactly the right fabric for that dress....burgundy red cotton/silk blend fabric.

The dress is a little bit different from my usual hourglass 40's-50's retro style. It was a shock in the first moment and even my hubby had that look in his eyes, but after I put some make up and my sandal heels on, it was completely different story. At first I made dress length below the knee but it looked somehow wrong. I thought it would be better if I show my knees.
The dress is gorgeously comfortable and I really like it.
Here it is...


  1. divna je i bas i lepo stoji! i ja se razmisljam da napravim haljinu po tom kroju, iako je prilicno drugacija od onih koje obicno nosim.. a ti si me ubedila ta to i uradim :)

  2. Hvala ti. Misljenja sam da s vremena na vrijeme treba nesto novo isprobati :)


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