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Flower Fairy-Semi Sheer Lingerie Set

Lingerie set made of black power mesh fabric and lovely floral Lycra with pink, purple and blue shades of flowers on black background.
Bra - full cup bra with sheer upper cup, also available with full floral cup

Garter belt/Suspender belt - classic, completely floral with black straps. Also available withmoreorlessstraps

Garter belt/Suspender belt - wide V style, with 6 wide straps, combination with Lycra and powernet panels

Garter belt/Suspender belt - wide V style, with 6 wide straps, completely made of floral Lycra fabric
 Open Bottom Girdle/OBG -  front and back made of floral Lycra with power net side panels

How to Wear Your Retro Style Highwaist Garter Belt

From time to time I receive a message regarding the sizing and length of the straps on my garter belts, for example:
"I purchased the medium, but the elastic is very tight and cuts into my skin even at the widest setting, and I have to put them very high on my waist to fit so the straps do not reach far enough for my stockings."

My answer was: Coco'sretroCloset garter belts are retro style-high waist and are supposed to be worn on the natural waistline, not on the hips. Also garter straps are adjustable with regulators and supposed to be long enough for standard stockings length.
If you want to wear garter belts on your hips then you need to order size up but in that case they may slip down.

So once again...
HOW TO WEAR YOUR Coco'sRetroCloset (or any other retro style high waist) GARTER BELT?

They should be worn at your waistline and not on your hips!!!

Coco'sRetroCloset garter belts areprimarilydesignedto holdyourstockingsin place. They are mostly strong …

Summer Floral Dress

Finally! It was perfect weather and we had enough time to take some new outfit photos. As summer is not busy period for buying suspender belts I could sew some new dresses and other stuff.

This dress is THE summer dress...thin, breathy, floral. Pattern is from Burda magazine 3/2009

Sheer Lingerie

Sheer with clear lines. The intention wasto make abra with seamless cups but unfortunately it doesn't work without molds. That's why I just went with my tried out classic bra pattern.  I useda softlingerie mesh for bra cups and power mesh for bra band/wings. 
The bra is very comfortable to wear, and I don't say this just because I made it :) Mesh doesn't irritatealwayssensitive nipples.
It works well with cups up to D but I don't know about bigger heavier cup sizes. 

Garter belt/Suspender belt is made with regular power mesh, but it can be custom made with soft mesh and with any number of straps you wish for.

Hand dye with iDye Poly

Two years ago I decided to hand dye some of my white lingerie. I bought iDye Poly in red, for 100% polyester and nylon fibers. It was in the drawer until last week when I finally gathered my courage and dyed one old, strange shade of pink and one brand new white Playtex "Cross Your Heart" Wire-Free Bra and white handmade garter belt (with separate strap elastic only, without strap regulators and grips). 

I wanted red bra (definition of the red color for me is bright red) to match with my red garter belts, but this red turned out to be dark burgundy red...
Must admit after all thiseffort I was exhausted and completely sad at that moment, but after Icalmed down, I realizedthat the colorturned outbeautifully. This is now my favorite bra and garter belt.

What I learned about hand dyeing is: wear gloves, cover your stove and surroundingarea with tin foil and faceit with the fact thatthepigmentwith the steamwill get intoevery holein a kitchenhood. If you want lighter shade, dissol…

Burgundy Red with Black Lace Lingerie Set

Padded bra, garter belt and pull on open bottom girdle. I made this items for myself and that's me modeling with not so perfect body parts carefully hidden behind satinrobe.

Can you imagine this same items in green-black combination? Color is called "bottle green"
Something like that but with lace added.


My first one, desired a long long time. The pattern is from Burda Magazine 10/2015 in Plus size so I had to reduce pattern one size down.

I realized how actually awkward wearing the cape is.
It's ok if you wear it unbuttoned as I did on the photos, but if it's cold and you would like to  wear it buttoned up then the problems begin. Where to with the bag? Under the cape?...than you have an ugly bulge. Yes, cape has front openings but it's only practical for opening the doors and similar. Basically, it is alright while holding hands bent at the elbows and just your hands popping out, but believe me it's impossible to straiten your arms through the openings when your cape is buttoned up.

So ...  if you plan to sew or buy a cape, consider whether you want a front or side openings. I would definitely recommend side openings.

Little Black Wrap Dress

Every woman needs a black dress in her wardrobe and I didn't have any. Well I actually have one but it is a slip dress for high summer temperatures.
I was looking for some ready pattern from Burda but couldn't find any which would satisfy. At the end I took basic fitted bodice pattern and A-line skirt and made that dress.

T-Strap shoes from Miss KG
Woody Ellen Retro handbag is a Christmas present from my husband
Brooch is vintage from Ebay

A little bit of Sixties - Brown Dress

Just for the record... I have notgiven up ongarmen sewing. Not yet. Unfortunately I don't have enough time for sewing for others but I have to find time for sewing my own clothes because most of the time I can't really find what I want to wear. And I am not interested in cheap, poorlysewn clothes.

The dress is wide, comfortable, with side seam pockets and somehow romantic. I used the same dress pattern last summer for burgundy red silk dress and I really liked it. 

This time, for winter version, I choose brown fishbone tweed fabric. Dress is fully lined.

Yes, I have to cut out damaged perm curls andI sworethatI willneverputa perm againbecause permmust be completely cutevery two yearsotherwiseit looks likea crow'snest. I'll try to let grow my hair to something like this for a start.

Bra Fitting

Recently I received a custom work request: "Hello, I have been looking far and wide for someone to make me custom lingerie. I am an odd bra size and its hard for me to find lingerie that fits good. Im a 38 F"
According to her measures I made a bra in size 38B.
Her review was: I got the lingerie and I love it! After that she requested another lingerie set.
This is why I ask for measures. I couldsewherbrain size38Fwhich would not begood at all.

The same thing happened with my friend Karen. First time I made a bra for her she told me that she wears size 32F. I didn't have original pattern in that size and I told her to measure herself so I can work on custom pattern. According to her measures I made a bra (and many bras after) in size 34D which was perfect. 
After that she tried some bras in the shop (again) and size 34D was not correct. 


I make bras with measurements taken from
It says:
" -You'll need to calculate your bra…

Glamorous Beige and Black Lace Lingerie Set

My notebook is back from repair service centre and I can finally continue with this post.

After receiving Ivory/white lingerie setcustomerhas approvedthesecond set andthis timeinbeige colorcombinedwithblack lace.

I'm reallyproud of myselfwhen I seethese images.