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A little bit of Sixties - Brown Dress

Just for the record... I have notgiven up ongarmen sewing. Not yet. Unfortunately I don't have enough time for sewing for others but I have to find time for sewing my own clothes because most of the time I can't really find what I want to wear. And I am not interested in cheap, poorlysewn clothes.

The dress is wide, comfortable, with side seam pockets and somehow romantic. I used the same dress pattern last summer for burgundy red silk dress and I really liked it. 

This time, for winter version, I choose brown fishbone tweed fabric. Dress is fully lined.

Yes, I have to cut out damaged perm curls andI sworethatI willneverputa perm againbecause permmust be completely cutevery two yearsotherwiseit looks likea crow'snest. I'll try to let grow my hair to something like this for a start.

Bra Fitting

Recently I received a custom work request: "Hello, I have been looking far and wide for someone to make me custom lingerie. I am an odd bra size and its hard for me to find lingerie that fits good. Im a 38 F"
According to her measures I made a bra in size 38B.
Her review was: I got the lingerie and I love it! After that she requested another lingerie set.
This is why I ask for measures. I couldsewherbrain size38Fwhich would not begood at all.

The same thing happened with my friend Karen. First time I made a bra for her she told me that she wears size 32F. I didn't have original pattern in that size and I told her to measure herself so I can work on custom pattern. According to her measures I made a bra (and many bras after) in size 34D which was perfect. 
After that she tried some bras in the shop (again) and size 34D was not correct. 


I make bras with measurements taken from
It says:
" -You'll need to calculate your bra…