A little bit of Sixties - Brown Dress

Just for the record... I have not given up on garmen sewing. Not yet. Unfortunately I don't have enough time for sewing for others but I have to find time for sewing my own clothes because most of the time I can't really find what I want to wear. And I am not interested in cheap, poorly sewn clothes.

The dress is wide, comfortable, with side seam pockets and somehow romantic. I used the same dress pattern last summer for burgundy red silk dress and I really liked it. 

This time, for winter version, I choose brown fishbone tweed fabric. Dress is fully lined.

Yes, I have to cut out damaged perm curls and I swore that I will never put a perm again because perm must be completely cut every two years otherwise it looks like a crow's nest. I'll try to let grow my hair to something like this for a start.


  1. Sviđa mi se, ali jedina primjedba: tada su se nosile duplo kraće haljine. :) Bila sam vrlo mlada, ali se jako dobro sjećam te mode i imala sam nekoliko sličnih haljina. No, to je bilo vrijeme minica!!

    1. O da, barem četiri prsta iznad koljena, ali za mene je i ovo dovoljno :) Ja sam dijete 70tih, teenager 80tih :)


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