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Recently I received a custom work request: "Hello, I have been looking far and wide for someone to make me custom lingerie. I am an odd bra size and its hard for me to find lingerie that fits good. Im a 38 F"
According to her measures I made a bra in size 38B.
Her review was: I got the lingerie and I love it! After that she requested another lingerie set.
This is why I ask for measures. I could sew her bra in size 38F which would not be good at all.

The same thing happened with my friend Karen. First time I made a bra for her she told me that she wears size 32F. I didn't have original pattern in that size and I told her to measure herself so I can work on custom pattern. According to her measures I made a bra (and many bras after) in size 34D which was perfect. 
After that she tried some bras in the shop (again) and size 34D was not correct. 


I make bras with measurements taken from
It says:
" -You'll need to calculate your bra-band size and your cup size by measuring around the rib cage and full bust, wearing your best-fitting bra. (Large-busted women especially need support for accurate measurements.)
Using a full-length mirror, measure around the rib cage, making sure the tape is level around the body and pulling it snug. To this measurement, add either 4 or 5 in. to get an even number. Example: if the snug rib cage is 29 in., add 5 for a total of 34 in. This is the bra-band size.

Next, measure the bust around the fullest part, again keeping the tape level, but this time don't pull it snug. To determine the cup size, subtract the bra-band size from the full-bust measurement. The difference, in inches, tells you the cup size: 1 in. for A, 2 for B, 3 for C, 4 for D, 5 for DD (or E), 6 for DDD (or F), and 7 in. for FF. For example, if your bra band is 36 in. and the full bust 38 in., the cup size is B; you'll make a size 36B."

This calculation has so far worked perfectly with any of the bra patterns I used.

I would really like to know why ready made bras from the different shops are not subject to this calculation? Lives of women around the world would certainly be a lot easier.


  1. Vjerujem da si ti spas svima kojima dućani ne nude ništa prihvatljivo.
    nisam znala da se i grudnjaci mogu naručiti, ali naravno da sad ima smisla:)
    baš lijepo izgledaju.


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