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How to Wear Your Retro Style Highwaist Garter Belt

From time to time I receive a message regarding the sizing and length of the straps on my garter belts, for example:
"I purchased the medium, but the elastic is very tight and cuts into my skin even at the widest setting, and I have to put them very high on my waist to fit so the straps do not reach far enough for my stockings."

My answer was: Coco'sretroCloset garter belts are retro style-high waist and are supposed to be worn on the natural waistline, not on the hips. Also garter straps are adjustable with regulators and supposed to be long enough for standard stockings length.
If you want to wear garter belts on your hips then you need to order size up but in that case they may slip down.

So once again...
HOW TO WEAR YOUR Coco'sRetroCloset (or any other retro style high waist) GARTER BELT?

They should be worn at your waistline and not on your hips!!!

Coco'sRetroCloset garter belts areprimarilydesignedto holdyourstockingsin place. They are mostly strong …