Friday, 14 October 2016

Scarlett in Purple Lingerie Set

Purple/Plum/Aubergine. I just love this color, but unfortunately it's already all gone. The fabric I mean. There is some lace and strap elastic left so I will try to design something with some other fabric color. Black probably because I'm the classic girl, but if you have some other combination on your mind feel free to suggest here or on my Instagram
The bra is classic style soft cup with bra wires and lace upper cup. Panties are low cut bikini style with inserted lace panels on front sides and center back.

Combination with garter belt.
Garter belt is 6 strap, wide, reaching the middle of the hip and with inserted lace panels.
Put together. Hope you like it!
Purple stockings are from Gio

Monday, 15 August 2016

Flower Fairy Lingerie

Semi sheer bra, pull on girdle, deep V and classic style garter belt/suspender belt. Flower Fairy lingerie set.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

White Lace Lingerie Set

2 bra styles, 3 garter belts and one open bottom girdle. The same as the red lingerie presented in my previous post
open bottom girdle 
new soft cup bra, now much prettier when made with sheer middle cup and side cup made of Lycra

extra wide garter/suspender belt 
classic 6 strap garter/suspender belt with front sheer lace panel
new soft cup bra
Also available in black, red and blue (if my supply purchase with blue straps and trim elastic finally arrives from Netherlands). 

Red Lace Lingerie Set

2 bra styles, 3 garter belts and one open bottom girdle.The same set is available in black, white and blue.
classic 6 strap garter/suspender belt with front sheer lace panel
soft, sheer lace upper cup full band bra
wide 6 strap garter/suspender belt with front sheer lace panel
open bottom girdle

open bottom girdle
extra wide garter/suspender belt 
new soft cup's a prototype and it will be much prettier made with middle cup part made sheer, without lining

cheeky, extra wide garter/suspender belt 

I waited a little bit too long to write this post so that this lace is sold out. But don't worry. I do have new, slightly different but also pretty floral lace for you.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Entry to the new year

Few weeks ago......
Back to the youth. My new, long-desired roller skates have finally arrived and I love them!
It is March already. The weather is dull. It's quiet. I am sitting on my sofa, dying of boredom after dislocating my left elbow last Saturday. It happened when I was roller skating and yes, I didn't have elbow pads (although I did have knee and wrist pads).
Well, you know what they*t happens but I always look on the bright side of life :)

So, the news...I bought new sewing machine in January, Bernina B380 which was fantastic sewing machine but not for sewing stretch fabrics. After the first trial I did realized this machine does not have adjustable presser foot pressure.
After the seller tried to convince me that sewing machines without the regulator are actually automated, I did change it anyway for a B530, and I'm really happy about it.

and February was the best month ever on Etsy. Maybe because I finally opened an Instagram account (@goga.l).
People like, fave and participate much more than on the Facebook or Twitter. 
Thank you lovelies!